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Il gestionale per il completo controllo della tua azienda, senza limiti e senza compromessi

The reasons you will wont HORA

Discover the strengths of the management platform, nothing has ever been so accessible

12 moduli base

Tutto quello che serve per digitalizzare la tua impresa


Installa i moduli aggiuntivi e richiedi funzionalità uniche per la tua azienda

Report and analysis

Accedi alla reportistica per ottenere in tempo reale i risultati del tuo lavoro

Unique and definitive

A single point of access

Through a single access you can manage every aspect of your work, which you will always carry with you, in a simple and functional way. Stay in touch with your work group and follow each activity step by step until the completion of works and projects.

Hora's 12 core modules

The core provides all is necessary to cover any single aspect of your job
  1. Contatti
  2. Clienti
  3. Contratti
  4. DAR (Diario di lavoro)
  5. Cartelle e file
  6. Utenti e gruppi
  7. Formazione
  8. Procedure operative
  9. Progetti/Lavori/Obiettivi
  10. Nota Spese
  11. Task (Incarichi di lavoro)
  12. Ticket (Supporto e assistenza)

Reports and analysis

Data processing and work progress in real time
The HORA management platform is able to interpret work and project data but above all to grant tables and graphs in real time of the data arriving, moment by moment, from your team, your professionals and your collaborators, wherever they are.


All the options for a journey in maximum comfort
The HORA system offers you multiple options to bring the burden of work to your place, an elaborate alert system based on due dates, internal deliveries, customer delivery and much more makes HORA a living system. Other options allow you to communicate with your team, have reminders and monitor actions and processes without leaving the dashboard.


From the smartphone to big screen, super fast, super light and responsive
Developed with Google technology, it was created to remain young, flexible and dynamic. An engine that is always efficient in any condition, with the option to even adapt to your particular work style.


Trova il pacchetto HORA che fa per te

La Fee per la'accesso al servizio è di € 360,00/mese. A questo valore aggiungi gli abbonamenti per utenti attivi e passivi
Piccole aziende
Starting from
€ 35,00
Passive users (unlimited): € 2,00/month

Utenti attivi: 2-10

Starting from
€ 15,00
Passive users (unlimited): € 2,00/month

Utenti attivi: 11-50

Starting from
€ 9,00
Passive users (unlimited): € 2,00/month

Utenti attivi: 501-1000

Auto-updates No intermediary No license to buy All the 12 Hora core modules included 24h/7 support Data export Customization Upgrades included No software to install Cloud included Online manual Training included

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